Hugo Haselhuhn lives in San Luis Obispo County. He enjoys reading, writing stories and poetry, cooking, and traveling with his bride of 43 years. They have traveled the U.S. and countries of Europe and the Far East enjoying the cultures and people. These experiences are clamoring to get out of his head, out of his journals and on to the pages of a book.

As a teacher of children and teenagers, he knows how to grab their attention and keep them engaged and can find positive lessons in every day experiences. Having five children and 14 grandchildren of his own, he knows a few things about their struggles, desires, fantasies and goals, and writes to fill their needs. He has a passion to have a positive influence for good in the lives of others, especially children, through his writing. Hugo has incorporated lessons to strengthen human relations shared in his stories and the readers are learning through the eyes and experiences of the characters.

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal began as a request from his eight-year-old grandson, Luke Cowdell, who wanted help in writing a “chapter book.” Luke is an avid reader with an active imagination. He is also a deep thinker who asks questions seemingly beyond his years. Luke told his grandpa where he wanted to go with this book, and Hugo created the road, painted the scenery and created the characters and adventures along the road. And this adventure awaits you in the Lucas Lightfoot Trilogy.